Monday, December 13, 2010

The victim

Him made me a fool
---me, belittled to the ground
with no sound, but his song
that am wrong and he's right

but, but i fuckin' wanted it... didn't  i
i mean i laughed with him once,
 thats why
its my fault, thats why 
so yes, its my fault---i mean... wasn't it?

i came with him, i fucked with him
i, i believed in him
and, and, and he didn't put a bullet to my brain
because i (lol) was completely sain and him---

him now in a darken cloud, locked away in a
 misty shroud and i---it was him wasn't it?
the same person who i would lie for and, and,
and who i would fuckin' die for, him now in a
darken cloud where he'll stay
and i... and him--- but, but i deserved it...
didn't i? i mean, i wanted it all the elements was 
there and now its completely clare because

they heard me say its him'
they saw me came with him
they watched me left with him,
him made me a fool
and, and, and i deserved it
i, i fucked up him, him made me a fool!

me! belittled to the ground with no sound
but his song that am wrong but he's right,
so yes, its my fault!
...well... wasn't it?

(this is not to be taken personal,  was trying to write from a rape victims point of view)


  1. The poem echoes stories I heard while taking women studies classes in college. The concept of "victim" should never be taken lightly. It's label isn't always greeted with appreciation. Its essence evades the psyche. No one -- no child, no woman, no man -- should be subjected to the wages of rape. I believe it is a violation that scars and alters unless one asserts a willingness to salavage voice and power. Thanks for a thought-provoking poem, Iris.

  2. I liked it .... the self doubt ... the confusion ... the self blame "It's my fault" ... great piece.

    The fact that others saw and did nothing came out too ...